Enterprise Class Track & Trace Software suite

AMACENA Track & Trace Software

The core of the Hicof product offering is the AMACENA database. It combines all ISA-95 levels from 1 to 4 into a single system. By doing so, no interfaces between the ISA-levels are required and only one data repository ensures a single source of truth. The use of AMACENA Serializaiton Software can be offered on subscription base as cloud service or as on-premise client-server solution. The unique selling propositions of AMACENA are:

  • Only one database from one supplier covering all Levels (1 to 4) makes working with the system very easy, prevent data integrity issues
  • Only one Master Data Management repository for product and county specific data is fully compliant to GMP regulations regarding data change and eliminate the manual data synchronisation between several linked systems and its manual documentation
  • AMACENA is fully validated and all software updates for the Cloud version are free of charge
Track & Trace Software

All AMACENA T&T management tools can be accessed via any end-user device from around the globe at any time

AMACENA T&T acts as central system for all serialization data (print labels, serial codes, aggregation structures, audit trails,...)

AMACENA is a native Cloud software which easy access from across the world. If required AMACENA can be installed on-premise.

AMACENA T&T is a Level 4 track and trace solution which allows direct data-exchange with governmental agencies, business partners and internal IT-systems.

Hicof Machinery can directly communicate with AMACENA without the need of local server infrastructures (no site-servers).

AMACENA T&T does run on Hicof Machinery and HECTOR kits directly on the machine UI which helps to keep training and validation efforts low.

AMACENA T&T supports beside the Hicof machines also machines from 3rd party manufacturers.

AMACENA supports the Aggregation functionality including controlling for products which accidentally passed the serialization station.

The innovative Software architecture of AMACENA allows to react flexibly and economically to complex company structures with many sites as no separate site servers are needed.


Hicof AMACENA Serialization Software features a build-in web based label creator to create and adjust all print layouts for AMACODERS, and all connected tertiary label printers. The label creator allows GMP compliant change control of all label parameters across the enterprise. 

Single Core Track & Trace Software

Using latest IT-technologies, Hicof pioneered in developing a single core serialization database, abandoning the traditional but outdated concept of a hierarchical cluster of several linked databases (Level 1 to 5 according ISA-95). This revolutionary single core concept eliminates system internal interfaces and duplicated master data repositories, making the serialization business processes lean and easy to understand by all users. This is a prerequisite to minimize human errors.

Track & Trace Software






Level 4 Software INTERFACING

Hicof Amacena is a full Level 4 software and allows to integrate the solution with in-house IT, external partners and governmental systems. The solution features an easy to use interface engine to quickly set new connections. AMACENA is built around the EPCIS standard of GS1 which allows seamless integration with the majority of systems on the market.

What Makes Us Different

Proven components

Whatever Hicof system components, either software or Hardware, they are proven in daily operation of industrial environments on a global scale

Full stack supplier

Hicof offers not only the powerful AMACENA software which is the global benchmark for serialization data management and business intelligence, but also provide world class machines for automatic coding, aggregation and case packing of secondary packages. Last but not least Hicof has a wide range of data acquisition terminals for Business Intelligence in his product range. In case of any issues with a Hicof system, the rationale “one system-one supplier- one responsibility” applies.

Serialization Software Support

The AMACENA system is a fully integrated IT-backbone, starting at machine level from the devices as printers, cameras and sensors up to data interfaces of governmental servers. In case of an issue, our experts have instantaneously access through remote access to all relevant parameters across all IT-servers down to the PLC, allowing a seamless and immediate support. This is the opposite of the conventional ISA-95 environment with several software and machine suppliers in which each service engineer has only access to his fraction of data, making a comprehensive root cause analysis extremely cumbersome as he has to synchronize with other involved vendors. 

Hicof solves the issue by offering One System, One Supplier, One Responsibility!