The Workflow Processor allows Business process automation for serialization

AMACENA Workflow Processor

The AMACENA workflow processor uses a rule-based logic programs to launch a series of tasks that run on their own without any human intervention. After establishing the rules and logics, the AMACENA workflow processor can automatically refine serial number data, customer order processes, generate and send emails, set up reminders, schedule tasks and more — all without anyone touching a single button.

The automation engine can be applied to individual products or processes which allows a phased implementation. This is highly beneficial for a low risk integration approach as automation can be extended and validated also by small teams. 

The workflow processor utilizes in the background a highly scalable rule based engine which allows to work even in large enterprises in real-time. Through this the AMACENA Workflow Processor is the ideal tool for automation of the serialization processes within the enterprise. As well for realizing complex track & trace operations within the company or across multiple entities. Thereby, AMACENA WP allows to manage data-flows from the serial code as well as process data that was acquired by AMACENA BI which allows the creation of next generation industry 4.0 applications.


Workflow Processor


Hicof AMACENA WP is a build in module to AMACENA T&T and features a table based process creator to create and adjust all business processes according the individual requirement. The process creator allows GMP compliant change control of all process parameters across the enterprise. 

For more complex integrations the Workflow Processor can also be parameterised by programmed scripts. This allows to quickly multiply existing processes to a large organization or the implementation of highly complex procedures. Through the Workflow Processor even highly complex Track and Trace objectives form intralogistics can be designed and controlled through the easy to use user interfaces.

Track & Trace

The AMACENA suite offers one fully integrated solution for marking, linking, tracking and tracing objects within or across the production. As web-based solution AMACENA can be easily integrated even to large enterprises, can be linked with systems as logistic robots or directly be integrated into existing machinery via HECTOR. This builds the foundation for factory optimization and modern industry 4.0 applications as for example item based quality control.

Within such environments the AMACENA workflow processor is a crucial tool to manage the data-flows automatically or semi-automatically. This helps to reduce the workload and to reduce the potential for human error to a minimum while unlocking unknown potentials for data driven business cases.


The AMACENA system is a fully integrated IT-backbone, starting at machine level from the devices as printers, cameras and sensors up to data interfaces of governmental servers. In case of an issue, our experts have instantaneously access through remote access to all relevant parameters across all IT-servers down to the PLC, allowing a seamless and immediate support. This is the opposite of the conventional ISA-95 environment with several software and machine suppliers in which each service engineer has only access to his fraction of data, making a comprehensive root cause analysis extremely cumbersome as he has to synchronize with other involved vendors. 

Hicof solves the issue by offering One System, One Supplier, One Responsibility!






Level 4 Software INTERFACING

Hicof Amacena is a full Level 4 software and allows to integrate the solution with in-house IT, external partners and governmental systems. The solution features an easy to use interface engine to quickly set new connections. AMACENA is built around the EPCIS standard of GS1 which allows seamless integration with the majority of systems on the market.