AMACENA Enterprise Serialization and Industry 4.0 Software

Full Stack Serialization Software

Serialization Software allows the unambiguous identification of each individual coded item. While in the past, serialization was mainly used for tracking and tracing of goods, this technology matures and becomes the backbone of innovative management tools and methods as e.g. “Industry 4.0.”  As pioneer, shaping since its foundation in the year 2000 as early bird the serialization landscape, we offer with AMACENA the first full stack serialization software suite that changes serialization from a cost into a profit center by adding a workflow processing engine and a business Intelligence tool to the coding landscape.

  • Cloud based, cost effective and secure technology allows unlimited interfacing for data exchange to any partners
  • No local server infrastructures are required, especially beneficial in case of integrating remote locations
  • Innovative central architecture, based on one single database ensures the “One Single Source of Truth”, eliminating the outdated legacy system design according ISA-95, with several independent databases on various layers 1-4 coming from different suppliers
  • AMACENA is an enterprise solution, quality assessed according the very demanding regulatory GMP requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.
Serialization Software

AMACENA T&T is an enterprise level, integrated, comprehensive software suite to manage serialization/ Track & Trace data from the production lines up to corporate level where interfaces allow data exchange with governmental servers. The software is designed to fulfill highest quality standards as mandated by law in the pharmaceutical industry. AMACENA is fully validated according US regulation CFR21 Part 11 and GAMP-5. Customers around the globe use the software, achieving highest OEE values at lowest reject rates. The use of AMACENA can be offered on subscription base as cloud service or as on-premise client-server solution.

Amacena Secure offers a unique patent protected solution to combine standard serialization capabilities with Authentication technology. This allows to close the gaps in the serialization infrastructure to fight counterfeits of all kind.To achieve that Amacena secure is base on the proven AMACENA T&T Database which is scale able up to trillions of serial codes per year. Additionally, AMACENA Secure offers the capability to store additional information into printed Barcodes that are used to authenticate the originality of the mark. 

The software is a powerful and flexible management tool, allowing to process and visualize in real-time collected data and generate correlations between them. The data analysis can be enhanced by using mathematical tools to take conclusions for immediate action. Additionally, BI-based preventive line maintenance increases up-time and saves money. Interfaces to other business software or to PLCs via OPC is integrated. Supported mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) allow on-location, performance monitoring and real-time issue management directly on the line. Cloud technology permit using AMACENA BI data management over many locations without the need of local server infrastructures.

The AMACENA workflow processor uses a rule-based logic to launch a series of tasks that run on their own without any human intervention. After you establish the rules and logics, the AMACENA workflow processor can automatically refine serial number data, customer order processes, generate and send emails, set up reminders, schedule tasks and more — all without anyone in your team touching a single button.

What Makes Us Different

Quality management of AMACENA according pharma regulatory requirements

AMACENA enterprise serialization and Industry 4.0 software is compliant to the toughest system quality validation requirements as e.g. specified by the in GAMP-5. Hicof does not provide “Fast-food” quality level. Instead, we are proud to deliver services and products which reflects the Swiss high-quality tradition.

Paramount available communication platform

AMACENA enterprise serialization software and Industry 4.0 software is hosted on a highly protected cloud platform, providing almost unlimited computing power up to billions of records per year at competitive prices. Additionally, the system is accessible from any global location without local server infrastructures. It supports flexible interfacing between business partners and governmental hubs based on almost all popular IT-protocols (e.g. EPCIS).

Family business

Hicof is a family-owned business in the second generation. Our credo is long-term growth through satisfied customers which is ensured by delivering top services and products.

Full stack supplier

Hicof offers not only the powerful AMACENA software which is the global benchmark for serialization data management and business intelligence, but also provide world class machines for automatic coding, aggregation and case packing of secondary packages. Last but not least Hicof has a wide range of data acquisition terminals for Business Intelligence in his product range. In case of any issues with a Hicof system, the rationale “one system-one supplier- one responsibility” applies.